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GLOBE The most fabulous place to be on a Wednesday night!

GLOBE helped me find out more ways to express myself.
   ~ 15 year old bisexual girl

They helped me see there are others like me?
   ~ 14 year old gay boy

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GLOBE had helped me see that there are people out there who understatnd waht I'm going through.
  ~ 19 year old lesbian

Because of GLOBE, I am more confident in myself and not afraid to express who I am.
   ~ 19 year old boy

It stopped me from killing myself..
  ~ 20 year old bisexual girl

I felt accepted the moment I walked in the door. GLOBE gave me something to smile about.
  ~ 18 year old gay boy

Spending time at GLOBE gave me the information and the space to figure out my gender identity. I started coming to GLOBE as a young girl, but came to realize that I am transgendered.
  ~ 17 year old FtM